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Softball Schedule

Date Event Location
3/21/22 Practice  
3/22/22 Practice  
3/23/22 Practice  
3/24/22 Practice  
3/29/22 Practice  
3/30/22 Practice  
3/31/22 Practice  
4/4/22 Berlin vs. Gibbsboro Home
4/5/22 Berlin vs. Clementon Clementon
4/6/22 Berlin vs. Rosa Rosa
4/7/22 Berlin vs. Clayton Home
4/13/22 Berlin bs. Carusi Home
  Spring Break  
4/25/22 Berlin vs. Pine Hill Pine Hill
4/26/22 Berlin vs. Beck Home
4/28/22 Berlin vs. Collingswood Collingswood
5/3/22 Berlin Vs. Clementon Home
5/5/22 Berlin vs. Clayton Clayton
5/9/22 Berlin vs. Carusi Carusi
5/11/22 Berlin vs. Pine Hill Home
5/12/22 Berlin vs. Collingswood Home



*Directions will follow for all away games prior to each game. All practices will end at 4:15 . All games are scheduled to start between 3:45-4:00.